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Hawks Considering Selling 1st Round Pick to Retain Joe Johnson: Knicks Implications

I haven't posted anything in awhile (I'm ass-deep in school work, which is no excuse. Expect another Cruel Summer article very soon), but I read this brief RealGM article and couldn't help but think of the implications it could possibly have on the Knicks in the upcoming months. From the article:

Sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski that the Hawks are willing to sell their first-round pick for $3 million, to help pay for Johnson's salary.

For the same reason, Atlanta will likely offer no more than a three-year contract between $1.8 million to $2 million per season to a possible successor to head coach Mike Woodson.


The Hawks selling their pick to keep Joe Johnson? Let's explore.

Question One: Would Johnson Signing in Atlanta be a Good Thing?

Well, this would mean the Knicks have no shot of landing him, obviously. Depending on where you lean, you may consider this awful, as many a Knicks fan has been hoping for Johnson in orange & blue in 2010, most of whom have given up hope for HWSNBN. He's a dynamic swingman with great size and a complete skillset. What's not to like?

On the contrary, some of us may be thrilled, considering he would have likely cost a max contract (which would pretty much be his reason for leaving). But the question of whether he is worth a max contract has irked the brains of many, and this would take a load off the collective mind of those who have come up with the answer that he is not.

Question Two: Would the Knicks consider purchasing the Hawks #24 Pick in the First Round?

Basically, yes they would. Despite the fact that this year's draft is not predictably deep, huge talent an cheap role players turn up and fall every year. Three million is the exact price the Knicks paid last year to acquire the Lakers' 30th pick, with which they took Toney Douglas. I'm not saying anything; I'm just saying (Note: The Knicks also gave up a 2011 second-rounder for the pick. I'd say that's already worth it.).

Question Three: Would this Upset the Predicted Balance of Power in the East?

Absolutely. The Hawks are currently viewed as a team in "Win Now!" mode, almost entirely due to Joe Johnson's impending free agency. This would change that and allow the team more time to grow its core of stars and green lil' dudes (Jeff Teague, anyone?). If maintaining Johnson is a real possibility, and if another series of "if"s happens (LeBron signs elsewhere, Wade signs elsewhere, the Celtics don't invent the flux capacitor, etc.), we could be looking at the best or second-best team in the East next year (Hey Orlando; I see you!)

These are all just thoughts I had while checking this article out. What do you guys think?