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Free Agency: What of Sergio Rodriguez?

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Somewhere on the Knicks' summer to-do list is "find a starting point guard". Be it through free agency, trade, or a draft sleeper, New York will need to plug the hole vacated (and never consistently filled) by Chris Duhon and his expiring contract. Before Donnie Walsh goes shopping, though, he'll need to appraise what's left at point guard. Perhaps the first order of business is determining what to do Sergio Rodriguez.

New York's resident crazy sexy sax guy is a restricted free agent this summer, due a qualifying offer of about $2.3 million. Acquired at the trade deadline, Rodriguez was alternately impressive and maddening in 28 games with the Knicks. Not really known as a shooter, Sergio was a decent .347 from downtown as a Knick. Overall, Sergio posted a .573 true shooting percentage in his few games with a Knick and a career-high .554 TS% for the season. I don't know an advanced statistic from a Gameboy Advance, but my understanding is that these numbers are pretty solid. To my eye, Sergio was fairly reliable when open from outside, and showed an impressive ability to find seams and get to the rim when motivated. Rodriguez is a point guard, though, and his ability to act as floor general drew the ire of some fans. The speedy little Spaniard wasn't always on the same page as his teammates and had a propensity to travel, culminating in 2 turnovers in just 20 minutes per game. Defensively, Sergio jumped plenty of passing lanes, but didn't show the instincts or effort to make up for his diminutive size in man defense. Rodriguez is just 23 (with a 37 year-old hairline), though, and any criticism of his performance come with the caveat that the kid was thrust into leading a squad of lame ducks without any particular direction.

There's another variable that we shouldn't ignore, and that's the presence of Mr. Toney Douglas. Toney had similar issues as a ball distributor, but shot well, defended well, had the team's best manners, demonstrated exemplary hygiene, and always recycled. Unlike Sergio, Toney's under contract through next year. If Donnie Walsh fails to acquire a point guard this summer, does either of the two strike you as a legitimate starting point guard? Is Sergio Rodriguez worth keeping around? Make your points in the comments.