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Knicks Remember They Have Cuttino Mobley, Waive Him

Forgot that guy was on the Knicks, didn't you? After a year or so of strictly financial attachment, the Knicks finally parted ways with Cuttino Mobley this afternoon. Here's what Marc Stein hath twat (with a tip of the hat to our friends Myles and latrell):

Mobley release will save Knicks roughly $9.5 million in luxury-tax payments, reducing their tax bill in July to $5 million range.

Mobley release also reduces rebate check teams get for staying under NBA's $69.9 million luxury-tax threshhold from $4 mil to $3.7 mil.

If you have any idea what fiscal effect this might have, don't hesitate to explain. For our purposes, this could precipitate the signing of another ten-day bro to keep Earl Barron company. Either way, it's been real, Cuttino. Sorry you never got your chance to spin. I guess my #32 Mobley jersey is a throwback now.