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Nate Robinson Out of the Boston Rotation?

Without getting snarky about Nate's legacy in New York, I thought I'd just pass along this article (originally twat by netw3rk) from Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. Among other things, Washburn mentions that Nate Robinson might not see the court in his return to Madison Square Garden.

Rivers said Nate Robinson, who will return to New York tonight for the first time since being traded by the Knicks, and Marquis Daniels, are out of the playing rotation. Neither played Sunday against Cleveland.

Robinson has shot fewer than 39 percent as a Celtic and hasn’t scored in double figures since March 12. The club expected scoring punch off the bench and solid point guard play but Robinson has been tentative offensively. Rivers said he was upset that Robinson attempted a 3-point shot with 19.9 seconds left in the first quarter Friday against Houston with 19 seconds remaining on the shot clock.

It would have been fascinating to see how Nate was received by the Garden crowd if given playing time. If he doesn't spin, it leaves one to wonder if he'll be acknowledged at all. "We want Nate" chants, perhaps?