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Pacers 113, Knicks 105: "Well, this warrants some Ambien."

This one was a snooze-fest, indeed. Playing in front of a funereal crowd, the Knicks and Pacers played little to no defense and took turns shooting the lights out virtually unimpeded. Danny Granger ran Danilo Gallinari in circles, and repeatedly got open for jumpers, finishing with a game-high 33 points. Gallo was fairly aggressive on the other end, though, foregoing the three (1-1) and driving to the basket for 17 points on 6-10 shooting. Toney Douglas also looked sharp, getting more than a little reckless from downtown (4-10), but also knifing into the lane for a team-high 20.

My notes are pretty sparse and I am exhausted, so that's pretty much it. I will add that if Jim O'Brien doesn't use any hair coloring product, then he is almost certainly part skunk.

After the jump, your ticket contest winners.

Toney Douglas led the team in scoring, so the following folks each won a pair of tickets to Sunday's game:





Since Danilo Gallinari was second in scoring, the following people (randomly selected from those that chose him) also win a pair of tickets:


Anthony Bonner's Subpoena

Ray Smuckles

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