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Donnie Walsh is just fine, thank you very much.

It's only May, and the free agency arms race is already getting grimy. Alan Hahn mentioned it yesterday:

This is an example of how dirty it is getting. There are now whispers that Donnie Walsh's health is failing him and that he probably won't remain in charge of the franchise for much longer, so whomever signs has no idea who will take over and what direction the team will go in after Walsh retires.

First of all, Walsh's main health issue is his hip, which has caused a noticable limp and everyone who has been around the team since he came to New York in April 2008 knows about it. Walsh needs hip replacement but he's putting it off until after his work is done this summer because the rehabilitation period is extensive.

Marc Berman has the word from Walsh himself:

"I've had a bad hip since I walked into the Garden," Walsh told The Post. "I guess I must be falling apart. I have a bad hip and haven't had time to take care of it because I'm too busy and don't have time for the rehab.

"But it's not a big issue. I'm not breaking apart. There's nothing I can't do."

Walsh is off to Chicago on Wednesday for the NBA's pre-draft camp. The Knicks own two second-round picks -- 38th and 39th.

"I guess I'll be limping off to Chicago," Walsh cracked.

Just a reminder that Donnie Walsh is alive and well, and also a fairly badass old man. If and when Donnie gets his hip replaced, might I suggest he have the old one polished and sharpened and use it as a weapon to fend off these rumor-whispering bums?