Know the Prospect: Craig Brackins

Here's viva_morrison with another excellent profile. My analysis: Brackins, Kraken, Quinton McCracken.



I've got a fever. And the only prescription, is more prospects. Like Hova, we will move on to the next prospect. This is another big that is projected to go early-mid second round, and Draft Express even has him getting snagged by the Knicks at number 39. His name is Craig Brackins, and this guy could be a perfect big man for the D'Antoni system. I'll feed you baby birds after the jump.

Craig Brackins, Junior PF/C, Iowa State Cyclones

6'10", 230ish pounds

Stats: 16.5 points, 8.5 boards, 2.2 assists, 1.2 blocks, 2.1 TOs, 1.16 PPS (down from 1.26 last year)

  • The one concern about his junior year line is that it is actually down from his sophomore year. According to his Draft Express profile, he was a potential lottery pick after his sophomore season when he averaged 20 and almost 10 a game for the Cyclones. His numbers aren't down by that much. His FG% dropped nearly 5 points, but his FT% and 3P FG% both went up. (FT was 76% and 3P was 31%, overall FG was 42%)
  • He tallied 13 double-doubles last year. I love me double-doubles.
  • He scored in double figures in all but two games last season. He was the number one option for Iowa State, and he showed up nearly every game for them on the offensive end.
  • A knock on him is that he tends to hang on the perimeter on the offensive end and take jumpers. He has a nice frame and could probably add more to it, and I would like to see
  • Last year, Ballers Network compared him to LaMarcus Aldridge. Hey, didn't we draft him? Oh wait, that's right. That was the Bulls that drafted him with the pick from the Eddy Curry trade... single tear... we can't pass up the NEXT one, right?
  • That site also told us his favorite shoes are Nikes, his favorite team is the Clippers, and his go-to move is his "Jump", whatever the hell that is.
  • I stumbled across this photo. (scroll down a little bit) I wish I was computer savvy so that I could have that picture at the top. I would love to see him do that at MSG.
  • Nicknames: Chris Child's Fist and I already brain hurricane'd some possible nicknames/Clyde-isms. We settled on McKraken, because anything with a Mc sounds cool and Kraken just sounds bad-ass. We could also play something like this on the jumbotron to pump up the crowd.
  • Draft Express had his best case scenario as Channing Frye. Not bad, especially in the Pringles offense. Worst-case? Marc Salyers. I didn't know who that guy was. Here he is. Yuck..

Let's go to the tape:

Craig Brackins Highlights (via cyclonebasketball)

  • Dude is powerful and finishes with some authority.
  • I like his footwork in the post. He positioned himself well on some of those drop steps and got himself in good position to do some damage.
  • He has a high motor. That sequence where he blocked the shot, then sprinted down and had that nice turn-around made me drool a little bit.
  • He has a nice shooting stroke all the way out to three. I like his ability to stretch the defense.

Some final thoughts: I think this kid would be a nice pick. He is going to put on some weight, he is athletic and has an NBA body, he can stretch the defense in the Pringles offense and play inside as well. Now if we can buy a first round pick and snatch up a Bledsoe/some other guard, I think pairing this guy with a defensive-minded big like Jarvis Varnado would be terrific. To take potential lottery talent this late would be very good value in my opinion. What do you guys think?