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Eddy Curry. Asset.

It is entirely possible that Eddy Curry will return to the Knicks next season fit and healthy and contribute throughout the final year of his contract. We certainly hope that's the case. Barring such a renaissance, though, that expiring contract will be the point of focus whenever Curry's name is discussed. The end of Eddy's deal will open up around $11 million in delicious cap space next summer, so holding on to him (whether or not he ever suits up) could bode well for the Knicks in the summer of 2011, when Ryan Hollins will become a free agent. Should Donnie Walsh prefer to cash in sooner rather than later, Tom Haberstroh (at ESPN, but check him out at Hoop Data as well) has a list of some potential suitors for the Curry contract. An example:

TORONTO RAPTORS: Point guard Jose Calderon has three more years on his contract, totaling about $30 million through 2012-13.

Why the Knicks call: They desperately need a point guard and they won’t find him in free agency. Think of Calderon as a Steve Nash-lite: an incredibly efficient PG with a pass-first mentality who couldn’t guard a chair.

Why the Raptors listen: With Jarrett Jack around, the Raptors are tying up $13 million annually over the next three seasons for their starting point guard slot. Dealing Calderon for the Curry contract would free up about $20 million to replace Chris Bosh next summer.

Calderon is one of a few fairly intriguing guys with hefty contracts who the Knicks might be able to chase. Depending on how this summer turns out, Walsh will have a decision to make regarding this terrific asset.

Any thoughts, babies? What would YOU do with Eddy Curry and his bags of money? (It's a known fact that Curry walks around with two briefcases filled with gold bullion.)