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Here is a video of Danilo Gallinari dancing with two NFL players.

It's from over two months ago, but this video of Danilo Gallinari playing a Nintendo Wii dancing game with Nick Mangold of the New York Jets and Shaun O'Hara of the New York Giants is nothing short of mesmerizing. Stick around until the 2:30 mark and you'll get to hear Gallo profess his love for Cyndi Lauper.


- You'd figure the two American guys would be better at lassoing than Danilo, but that's certainly not the case.

- Shaun O'Hara punch-dances like a goddamn pro. As a former minor league punch-dancer, I've got a good eye for these things.

- Danilo occasionally suffers from White Man's Overbite. This surprises me.

- "Get the Rhythm" (pronounced "get de reedum") is an early front-runner for next season's P&T catch-phrase.

- Remember this? Kinda disappointed Danilo didn't display his father's signature "shoulder shake" or his patented "hand wiggle".

Get the rhythm.