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The Knicks will work out Foote, Gallon, and Slaughter, to name a few.

"Foote, Gallon, Slaughter" isn't some new, grisly alternative to "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It's three of the six draft prospects set to work out for the Knicks tomorrow. Via the Twitter of TKB's Tommy Dee, here's tomorrow's lineup:

Jeff Foote- 7'0'' Center, Cornell (22 years old)

Keith "Tiny" Gallon- 6'8'' Power Forward, Oklahoma (19)

J.P. Prince- 6'7'' Guard/Forward, Tennessee (22)

A.J. Slaughter- 6'3'' Guard, Western Kentucky (22)

Mikhail Torrance- 6'5'' Guard, Alabama (21)

Ben Uzoh- 6'3'' Guard, Tulsa (22)

That's an interesting mix of big folks, little folks, and "Tiny" folks. Recall that RobDiablo44 profiled Slaughter in his look at second-round point guards.