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Friday's Workouts: Brackins, Varnado, Warren, et al.

Via Tommy Dee for the millionth time (I should probably get myself on the press release list at some point...), here's the lineup for tomorrow's workout:

Craig Brackins- 6'10'' Power Forward, Iowa State (22 years old)

Stephen Dennis- 6'6" Guard, Kutztown (22)

Jarvis Varnado- 6'9'' Power Forward, Mississippi State, (22)

Greivis Vasquez- 6'5'' Guard, Maryland (23)

Willie Warren- 6'4'' Guard, Oklahoma (20)

Dominique Jones- 6'4'' Guard, South Florida (21)

That's an important workout, friends. Brackins and Varnado should be two of the choicest big men available in the second round. Both have been profiled by viva_morrison previously, and both are distinct possibilities with the 38th or 39th pick. Meanwhile, Vasquez, Warren (who's been profiled), and Jones (ditto) are among the finest combo guards expected to drop, so pitting them against one another could serve to guide the Knicks' selection in June. As I've mentioned before, with holes at point guard and center, I expect Donnie Walsh to go big and small with his two picks. Friday's workout could be pivotal in that decision.