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Coming Soon: "Know the Prospect"

Hello, beautiful children. We're in a bit of a lean time, as I'm wading through finals and the Knicks are doing nothing of interest. That said, I'm delighted at the number of Fanposts and comments. It's great to see the discussion alive and kicking while I'm struggling through my paper about hamster vaginas. Posting (and/or Toasting) should pick up soon, and one of the features we'll bring back is the "Know the Prospect" series. It's a simple project we've done in the past in which myself, other writers, and community members write up articles on some of the prospects that might be available to the Knicks in the draft.

We didn't really get into it last year, since most of the guys available at the #8 spot were known entities. (However, there was this excellent post by Jordi Scrubbings that prepped us pretty well for the majesty of Toney Douglas.) This year, though, the Knicks are stranded in the second round (picks 37 and 38), and some of the names floating around might be totally unfamiliar. You can check out the bottom half of this post for an early glimpse at some potential second round bros.

Our project leading up to the draft will be to research a bunch of these fellows, introduce them to the P&T community, and speculate as to how they'd fit in New York. I'm only familiar with a handful of second round prospects, though, so I invite any and all of you to check out some mock drafts and let me know if you'd be interested in writing a post about a particular prospect. My hope is that we'll get some posts from P&T readers who follow foreign basketball or the college game closely and can lend some expert insight. Well-researched, well-written posts will be posted on the front page for all to see. Here's a fun li'l example of the gist of a Know the Prospect posts.

Let me know if there's a player you'd like to profile in the comments or via email.