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Sergio Rodriguez Back to Spain?

I just stumbled across this post at From the Baseline linking to this article indicating (en Español) that Sergio Rodriguez intends to head back to Spain and suit up for Real Madrid next season. There had already been rumors of this transaction, but I haven't seen the report confirmed anywhere.

One of Donnie Walsh's decisions to make this summer was whether or not to re-sign the slippery little Spaniard, but it seems that case might be closed. If Sergio is out of the picture, this puts more of an onus on the front office to either buy into the first round of the draft or hope for a point guard to drop into the second round. It's either that or re-sign Chris Duhon.

If we've seen the last of Sergio, then P&T wishes him the very best in Spain. May your travels be fruitful and your hairline grow ever pointier.