Know the Prospect: Dominique Jones

Editor's Note: I'd never even heard of this guy.

All right fellas, here's another one that should be available in the early second round, and who I think could really help the Knicks out right away.

Dominique Jones, PG/SG, South Florida, 6'4", 205 lbs

Given the success of similar types like Tyreke Evans in the recent NBA, Dominique Jones is an intriguing prospect for a D'Antoni offense.

Jones is special for a second-rounder because of his ability to create his own shot. He has an NBA-ready first step, along with a powerful low center of gravity to take defenders to the basket. He attacks his defender with great tenacity. He knows how to lower his shoulder and get past his man, often overpowering his matchup on his way to the rim, being too strong and relentless for most Big East defenders to keep him out of the lane.

Ultimately, what makes Jones intriguing in today's NBA is that he can spend time at either backcourt position. He's clearly a good enough ball handler to bring the ball up the court and get a team into its offense, and he shows good court vision on top of that, with his ability to play the pick-and-roll (are you reading this MDA) and find teammates off the dribble or in drive and dish situations.

Here is some footage of Dom in college doing his thing:

Dominique Jones Highlights vs. Syracuse

Not a bad three-point shooter, either, eh?

Seriously, this is a guy we could use. What's that, you want some more highlights for good measure?


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