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Are you rooting for Nate Robinson?

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I'm running late and my internet's down, so I'm posting this pirate-style before I leave. Last night, after the Celtics win, Marc Berman twat the following:

You're not a Knick fan if you can't feel good for Nate Robinson tonight.

Now, I get the sentiment and am personally rooting for Nate, at least for the most part. I would guess, though, that plenty of hardcore Knicks fans aren't pulling for the little fellow in these playoffs. If, for instance, you found his in-game demeanor off-putting in New York, your perception of Nate likely hasn't changed much.

Disregarding (if you can) how you feel about the Celtics and Lakers, are you rooting for Nate Robinson the Celtic? The discussion of whether former Knicks hold a place in our hearts is always interesting, and I'd bet that Robinson is a particularly divisive expat. Place your vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments. Have excellent days, y'all.