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Monday Workouts: Fields and Reynolds and Richards, oh my!

I know, I know. Sorry about the headline. I'm insufferable. Moving forward, the Knicks have some more second round prospects visiting on Monday. Via TKB, here they are:

Landry Fields- 6'7" F, Stanford (21 years old)

Darington Hobson- 6'7" F, New Mexico (22)

Armon Johnson- 6'3" PG, Nevada (21)

Nkem Ojougboh- 6'9'' C, Northeastern (22)

Scottie Reynolds- 6'2" PG, Villanova (22)

Ryan Richards- 6'10" F/C, England (19)

Of those listed, Richards is perhaps the most intriguing, Johnson is the most likely to slip into the first round, and Fields is the most likely to have a name that sounds like a brand of organic tater tots.