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Tuesday Workouts: (Insert Jeff Foote Pun)

More workouts! Here's who's coming in on Tuesday (via The Knicks Blog)

Denis Clemente- 6'1" G, Kansas State (24 years old)

Gavin Edwards- 6'9" C, Connecticut (22)

Jeff Foote- 7'0" C, Cornell (22)

Courtney Fortson-  5'11" G, Arkansas (22)

Marquis Gilstrap- 6'7" F, Iowa State (22)

Ryan Wittman- 6'7" G, Cornell (22)

Most of the guys listed aren't projected to be drafted. The only one I know anything about is Clemente, who I enjoyed watching at Kansas State and whose first name I love to mispronounce. Oh, and I think Ryan Wittman is Randy Wittman's son. As far as I know, neither are related to Walt Whitman. The big story here (relatively speaking) is that this will be Foote's second visit. The call-back could mean nothing at all, but Foote is the first prospect to return for another look. Considering that he's not mentioned at all in most mock drafts, it would be surprising if New York had genuine interest in the Cornell big man at the 38th or 39th pick. Maybe they just like him as a legitimate 7-footer against whom they can pit other prospects? Maybe he left something behind the first time he visited?

Meanwhile, I'll be up to some antics of my own on Tuesday. I've mentioned previously that I have a weekly radio conversation with the friendly friends at WCWP Sports. Well, tomorrow I'm going to head out to Long Island (Don't worry, I've had all my shots.) to hang out with the radio folks and make a li'l in-studio appearance. We'll be on-air around 6 PM if you'd like to listen along. You can find the spot to listen live in the link above.