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David Lee interviews from Tanqueray's 200th Anniversary

Aside from his photo op with Snooki (because we live in a country where Snooki is more famous than David Lee), the free agent-to-be sat down with SLAM and blogger bro's from Project Spurs to talk about Nate Robinson in the Playoffs, Malik Rose's cheesesteaks, and, of course, the decisions he needs to make this offseason.

Some quotes after the jump.

From SLAM:

SLAM: I know you’ve heard this a lot all summer because you’re a free agent, but do you want to come back to the Knicks?
DL: I do, I love it here in New York. I love my time here. This point though, it’s a little bit of a business and we’ll have to see what happens. There’s a lot of factors and the biggest thing is what LeBron and DWade and those guys decide to do. All of us…

Right in the middle of his sentence, a waiter drops in.

Waiter: Can I interest anybody? [Offering a tray of tuna sushi]
DL: Yeah, I’d love one. Awesome. Would you (me) like one?
SLAM: Of course.
DL: First time during an interview I’ve been offered sushi. I like it. I think, um [still chewing], that’s the biggest thing — what those guys are gonna do. And all of us are gonna react from that.

From Project Spurs:

Recently, you had an interview where you said you feel like you can be, if you are not already, an elite player. You have the credentials to prove it. All-Star appearance, the numbers. Tell us more about your drive and what you can bring to the Knicks should they re-sign you or any other team you may end up with.

I think I've proven I'm a guy that's going to go out there and give total effort every single time I step on the floor. I been constantly improving my game. That's the biggest thing is that I think in this league you're either getting better or you're getting worse. Everybody is getting a year older every year but I try to improve at least one skill every single season. This past year was improving my mid-range jump shot and it's something I just want to get better and better each year. I know I am going to continue to do that and I think I'm going to be in the All-Star game year-in and year-out.

That's a goal and now the biggest thing is to be in a position where I'm going to be on a team that wins and a team that's a contender each and every year. I think that can be New York. I don't think being a "Plan B" is necessarily a negative when you are talking a person like LeBron James. I think at this point everybody in free-agency is a "Plan B" unless your name is LeBron. I'm really looking forward to this whole process. It should be fun!

Give them both a read and tell me I'm not the only one uneasy about his distant tone when referring to the Knicks organization as "they". July 1st is only eleven days away and it's about time to start worrying about one of our favorite Knicks.