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Osborn Laboratories: 37 Draft Prospects

I chose 37 players to assess, ranging everywhere in the draft from the teens to the undrafted, These players, a couple of which I've never actually seen live, have been analyzed and studied in detail in Osborn Laboratories, and I have made the following judgments. Many (most) of you won't agree with me on all these picks, so I'll offer approximately 5.5 words on each one, explaining why I think this way.

Destroy me in the comments, pause.


Big Guys I love:

Trevor Booker - Motor for days, long arms. Would thrive on the Knicks.

Solomon Alabi - Size and Mobility, plus great brain.

Gani Lawal - Physical and Athletic, think Maxiell.

Big Guys I like:

Jarvis Varnado - Stayed all four, great timing.

Tibor Pleiss - Still young, tall and agile.  Not for the Knicks.

Ryan Richards - "I'm Ryan Richards. And I get buckets."

Jerome Jordan - Big, potential. Not for the Knicks.

Pat Patterson - Hard worker, versatile.

Big Guys I don’t like:

Kevin Seraphin - Pussy.

Daniel Orton - Unproven.

Dexter Pittman - Unconditioned.

Big Guys I’m Flabbergasted by:

Larry Sanders - Name rhymes with "Barry Sanders." Could be awesome.

Hassan Whiteside - Intelligence Quotient.

Tiny Gallon - Broke a backboard. But is gigantic.

Craig Brackins - Mas Defense! Could be very useful.

Medium Guys I love:

Sylven Landesberg -Shootah, Shootah!

Jordan Crawford - Ice water, Range.

Darington Hobson - Renaissance Man.

Medium Guys I like:

James Anderson - Big, efficient scorer on good team.

Avery Bradley - Seems like a cool guy.

Damion Jones - Physical Long, Can shoot.

Quincy Pondexter - Stayed in school, versatile.

Stanley Robinson - Hard Work, wears Lee Jeans.

Medium Guys I don’t like:

Dominique Jones - Hype.

Devin Ebanks - Poor man's Wil-Chan.

Elliot Williams - Ford: "Can't go right."

Lance Stephenson - Knucklehead.

Medium Guys I’m Flabbergasted by:

Terrico White - Big Body, Could fizzle.

Da’Sean Butler - Awful FG%

Little Guys I love:

Armon Johnson - Swagger for Generations.

Little Guys I like:

Eric Bledsoe - Athlete.

Greivis Vasquez - Non-athlete, but still prodigious in ACC.

Mikhail Torrance - Seems cool as hell.

Scottie Reynolds - Couldn't hurt!

Little Guys I don’t like:

Willie Warren - Unproven.

Sherron Collin - Was better a year ago.

Little Guys I’m flabbergasted by:

Nate Robinson - How's he dunk like that if he's so tiny?!



Have at it!