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Rudy Fernandez trade talks

via ProBasketballTalk via Jonathan Abrams:

The Knicks are reportedly discussing a trade for the salty Spaniard who wants to leave Portland for a bigger opportunity.   The teams are discussing a package of either Wilson Chandler or Toney Douglas and a 2nd rounder.

Contract-wise, Fernandez comes cheap at 1.25 million with a team option the following year and the Knicks would instantly upgrade their three point shooting.

If it's between Chandler or Douglas, it's an easy choice.  My guess is that the Blazers said Douglas and Walsh countered with Chandler.


Let me clarify, via the Fix, that source said Knicks are "interested" in Rudy Fernandez. Nothing imminent. Just talk for now.

Alan Hahn says not to get your panties in a bunch just yet. -Seth

Update again (Hahn again):

The Knicks have talked with several teams about their first-round picks. The reason for this is the potential of one of the main draft targets: New Mexico swingman Darington Hobson.

The Knicks, according to an NBA executive, have talked to the Memphis Grizzlies about buying one of their late first-round picks at No. 25 or No. 28. Another scenario, according to two other sources in the NBA, is an offer that could involve sending Wilson Chandler and cash to the Portland Trail Blazers for Rudy Fernandez and the No. 22 pick.

Re-bunch those panties. -Seth