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Draft Day 2010

Good morning, weasels! Do you smell magic in the air? Are you quivering in anticipation? Did you awake this morning with a pant full of bone? The reason is clear: it's Draft Day 2010. The Knicks' summertime transformation begins today, with at least some of the offseason speculation meeting reality. Without a doubt, there will be new faces on the roster by night's end. That's always exciting.

I'm here in New York City trying to capture as much of the Draft Day hysteria as I can. Yesterday was media day, a very pleasant event that, alas, held absolutely zero Knicks relevance. This being the case, I spent the majority of my time cheesing with Liberty Ballers' Mike Levin (whose excellent account of the event is well worth a read), finally meeting SBNfriends Mike Prada and Tom Martin, and catching up with our old friend Tommy Dee. Other than that, I used my media credential to box out legitimate reporters, almost drop my voice recorder on Wesley Johnson's head, and gaze longingly at Gordon Hayward. Perhaps the only thing I learned was that Paul George's parents are named Paul and Paulette. There's your scoop.

Today should be even more fun and quite a bit more relevant to our perverted little community. The Knicks, of course, hold the 38th and 39th picks in the draft. They'll also be looking to trade into the first round, though the target of such a deal is anyone's guess. We've heard Greivis Vasquez, Craig Brackins, and Armon Johnson are all targets. Darington Hobson's weird, wonderful name keeps coming up. They could still be reaching for a sure first-rounder like Eric Bledsoe or Larry Sanders. Meanwhile, the assets necessary to snaggle an earlier pick aren't quite clear. Will it take cash, picks, or perhaps actual sentient lifeforms to move up in the draft? Only time will tell.

Gian, Osborn, and I will do our darndest to keep up with the news and rumors, chew them up, and regurgitate them for your tender little beaks to enjoy. Lend us a hand scouring the news if you so please. Again, if any of you are planning on attending the draft, don't hesitate to contact me on the emails or the Twitters. I'm not sure if I'll be sitting amongst the media or in the crowd during the event, but I'll probably be in the area early in the evening.

This is the thread for all pre-draft excitement, opinions, and insight. There will be another thread for the draft itself, and likely some individual posts throughout to highlight any transactions. I'm off to get some pre-draft falafel to guarantee some mid-draft farts.