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The Knicks select Andy Rautins and Landry Fields

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With the 38th and 39th picks, the Knicks select Andy Rautins from Syracuse and Landry Fields from Stanford.

DraftExpress on Rautins:

On the offensive end, Rautins' game completely revolves around his three-point shot, which he hits with very high accuracy (41%) and is capable of doing in a variety of ways ... His shot has outstanding mechanics, including a quick and high release point, excellent elevation, and a consistent shooting motion ... Looking forward, Rautins has one clear NBA skill in terms of his three-point shooting, but it's tough to say whether that alone will find him a place in the league.

Chad Ford tweet on Landry Fields:

Knicks take Landry Fields with their second pick. Fields wasn't in my Top 100. First time a team drafts a player out of my Top 100 in yrs

Drake's instant analysis:


Darington Hobson, who the Knicks were reportedly smitten with, was chosen by the Bucks at #37. Alan Hahn points out that the Knicks' target was plucked right in front of them in consecutive drafts.

Hahn also twat that the Knicks will purchase #44 pick, Jerome Jordan, from the Bucks.

More to come, but for now, do you like the picks? (I think I know the answer.)