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Sheridan: Knicks to acquire Jerome Jordan

You guys are already all over this in the Fanposts, but I figured I'd get it on the front page. It looks as if Donnie Walsh did track down a big man in last night's draft. Chris Sheridan twat that Tulsa 7-footer Jerome Jordan is on his way to New York:

Knicks have deal with Bucks to acquire rights to 44th pick, C Jerome Jordan of Tulsa. Trade hinges on C.Maggette passing physical Monday.

 Knicks paid Milwaukee $1 million for rights to 44th pick Jerome Jordan. Many teams had been asking for a minimum of $1.5M for 2nd rounders.

So, that's pretty nice, right? Like y'all have said elsewhere, Maggette's physical isn't necessarily sure thing, but if everything goes to plan, the Knicks will have a real-life 7-footer on their hands within a few days. Jordan, for whatever reason, was in New York on Wednesday. I caught a glimpse of him in the lobby of the Media Day hotel, and can assure you that he is quite tall.

Meanwhile, I'm almost positive there was a really cool article about Jordan's development in the Times a few months ago. If you find it, I'll email you a hug.

Update: here's the article on Jordan from the Times.