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A "Sunday Q&A" with Donnie Walsh

The Post's Steve Serby had a conversation with Donnie Walsh. The topics of discussion are obvious, but the interview as a whole struck me as pretty endearing. A sample:

Q: How did you recruit your wife, Judy?

A: I just went after her. I mean, I knew from the first minute I saw her — that’s the girl I’m gonna marry. I was 14, she was 12. So I can also pick a prospect out (chuckles). . . . She used to go to church every day. And so I started to go to church every day, not just on Sunday. And as she walked down toward her house, she’d go to a candy store (Beckerman’s), where you could get coffee and stuff like that. So I planned it, I caught up with her and said, "Hey, would you like to get a coke or a cup of coffee?" and she said, "I would." And then we started doing everything. . . . I just had to get up early.

Adorable! And it didn't even take free My Chemical Romance tickets to reel her in. I'd recommend giving the interview a read to start your day. Walsh's answers are necessarily vague, but his words still engender faith that we've got the right guy running our team. Don't get your Pampers in a bunch over free agency, kids. Donnie's got this.