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SB Nation New York, y'all!

This is pretty neat. SB Nation is home to not only this lovely community of Knicks fans, but blogs covering the Yankees, Mets, Nets, Jets, Giants, Albany River Rats, and all ilk of Tri-State Area athletic flava. Thus far, the fanbases of each of these local teams have been fairly isolated, but that all changes today. As part of a grand roll-out of regional hubs, I'm happy to introduce SB Nation New York to the P&T community.

This changes absolutely nothing about the way Posting and Toasting will operate. It just means that there will be another spot to find quality writing on the Knicks and whatever other New York/New Jersey clubs you follow. To get your feet wet, here's some stuff that might be of interest:

- The best Fanposts on P&T will be showcased by the SBNNY editors. This gem by Ray Smuckles was the first "Editor's Pick". So, don't be afraid to be ambitious and write some posts of your own. They just might end up hitting a bigger stage.

- Howard Megdal wrote a feature on "Why Begging for LeBron Makes Sense for New York". (Our old friend Rodger Sherman posted a companion piece about the Nets).

- SBNNY's new sports media contributor, Steve Lepore included some of my grumpy-ass interview answers in his bit about the influence that this summer might have on the in-arena and on-air atmosphere of a Knicks game.

Anyway, go check it out. It's a really excellent step for SBN, and I look forward to reading and contributing to the regional hub of the greatest city in the solar system. You know, these streets will make you feel brand new and whatnot.