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Sergio Rodriguez signs with Real Madrid

Update: In another Spanish outlet, Rodriguez's agent denies having officially signed a contract with Real Madrid because he's still under contract with the Knicks.  Just a small oversight by me.  Sergio's still a canary though.  (Tip of the hat to Tikot.)


We mentioned a week back that Sergio Rodriguez could be headed back to Spain and I guess it only took him a week to pack.

Via ProBasketballTalk:

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Sergio Rodriguez is leaving the Knicks to return to Europe.

According to the report, he has signed a three-year deal with the Spanish team for $1.5 million euros (about $1.8 million dollars) a year.

If I'm not mistaken, the Knicks still have his RFA rights the same way the Atlanta Hawks have Josh Childress'.  So maybe something could happen sometime in the future.  But don't hold me to that.

Sergio's departure doesn't ease the concerns over who will play point next year.  Although, I didn't want to see him pound the ball Al Harrington style for a full 82 games anyway.

As an aside, news broken on foreign language outlets allow for fun use of Google Translate:

The white set has reached a basic agreement with the canary that will become official once the player is disconnected from the Knicks.

There you go.  Sergio is a canary but no longer a Knick.