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Tuesday's Workouts: Booker, Rautins, and some Collinses

As the world turns, the Knicks continue to bring in second-round prospects to size up their potential in preparation for the draft. Some of yesterday's crew can be seen in this video at The Knicks Blog. Today's line-up (also via the ever useful TKB) is as follows:

Trevor Booker- 6'7" F, Clemson (22 years old)

Dwayne Collins- 6'8'' F, Miami (22)

Sherron Collins- 5'11'' PG, Kansas (23)

Matt Janning- 6'4'' G, Northeastern (21)

Tyren Johnson- 6'8'' F, Louisiana-Lafayette (21)

Andy Rautins- 6'4'' G, Syracuse (23)

That's not a terribly captivating list of names, although I'm very interested to see how Sherron Collins turns out as a pro. There is some precedent for little upperclassman guards from great college teams looking pretty sharp in the NBA. The Booker-Big Collins match-up will be one the Knicks play close attention to as well. If Donnie Walsh is looking for a power forward sleeper (perhaps to replace David Lee), then those two names are definitely in play.