Amare in the World Championships? Not so Fast

A story from ESPN indicates there's now a question of whether or not Amare's new contract will be insured for FIBA contests. It may be music to the ears of some Knick fans that he won't be putting it on the line in an exhibition, but I was personally looking forward to watching Amare knowing he was now a Knick. The best part about this is David Lee's path to a roster spot is just a bit easier. Lee has served as practice fodder for the team before and is supposed to be working out with the Men's National Team this week in Vegas. Again, none of this is certain regarding Amare, but he had expressed excitement about playing and this can't be good news for him.

According to the USA Basketball website, this is the list of players currently participating in the training camp:

Chauncey Billups

Tyson Chandler

Kevin Durant

Tyreke Evans

Rudy Gay

Eric Gordon

Danny Granger

Jeff Green

Andre Iguodala

David Lee

Brook Lopez

Robin Lopez

Kevin Love

O.J. Mayo

Lamar Odom

Rajon Rondo

Derrick Rose

Amare Stoudemire

Gerald Wallace

Russell Westbrook

What's everybody's dream roster/rotation/date from these players? Can the USA B-team still bring back the gold? Anybody care about this tournament?

PS- For anyone frothing at the mouth for Cock, Italy didn't qualify, so no go on Gallo.