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P&T Arts 'n' Crafts: The Rooster Drawing Contest- Win a free shirt!

I cropped Landon Donovan out of this photo! (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
I cropped Landon Donovan out of this photo! (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Good afternoon, posters and toasters. This had been mentioned previously, and now I'd like to kick it off in earnest. Posting and Toasting, as you may know, has a store with clothing celebrating some P&T legends: Toney Douglas, Walt Frazier, and Jonathan Bender. Oddly enough, one beloved Knick figure who hasn't received a sartorial tribute is Danilo Gallinari. This being the case, I would like to commission a contest of sorts. Here's how it's going to work:

The Project:

Send in a t-shirt design featuring a drawing of a rooster and the words "Il Gallo" (as that is Gallinari's nickname, which translates to "The Cock" and, well, a cock-drawing contest wouldn't sound very good). The rooster and writing can be in any style you like, though I'm picturing something either sort of cartoony or, alternatively, a very lifelike, anatomically-correct picture. If you'd like to give the rooster some attributes suggestive of Danilo (make it shooting a basketball, give it a fauxhawk, throw in a number 8, draw it in this pose), you are welcome to do so.

For legal reasons, we try to stay away from depicting the names or likenesses of famous individuals. We also avoid photos, logos, company names, and other licensed stuff. If you're incorporating something you found on the internet into your design, then it's probably no good. This means:

- No photos of roosters, Danilo Gallinari, or anything.

- No drawings of Danilo Gallinari's face.

- Nothing that denotes the Knicks, the NBA, the Knicks logo, or, just to play it safe, New York.

Designs should be made on some sort of computer program hand-drawn and scanned into a computer, then emailed to me at ptknicksblog(at) If you can, make the designs pretty large. If and when you email me your design, please label it as such in the subject line ("Rooster-Drawing Contest Submission" works) and include your P&T username somewhere in the email.

The voting:

Depending on how many submissions we get, we'll have some sort of voting process set-up. I might have it where Charlie, Gian, and myself each get a vote, with the fourth vote being a user poll and the tie-breaker going to my mom. I'm not sure about that yet, though.

The prize:

Plain and simple. Whoever's design is chosen will get P&T acclaim and bragging rights, as well as a free copy of the shirt they designed (is "copy" the right word there?).

The deadline:

For the moment, I'm setting the deadline for submission as Friday, August 6th. That might be subject to change, depending on how many entrants we get.

So, there it is. Have a go at it, tell your artistically-inclined friends, and let's draw ourselves a rooster. Have fun, and comment or email me with any questions.