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A thread for Chris Paul trade proposals.

If Ken Berger's report is legit, then I imagine plenty of y'all will want to share your proposals for the Knicks to acquire Chris Paul. Please try and keep your wacky ideas confined to this thread, so the madness doesn't infect other discussions and stories. I'll certainly post more on the front page about this if more news emerges, but for now, let's keep it here.

A few things:

- Remember that free agent signings can't be traded until December 15th. I'm not sure how that works for players acquired in a sign-and-trade, though, and neither is Larry Coon:

For sign-and-trade transactions, the initial trade which completes the transaction is obviously allowed, even though it occurs right after the player is signed. What's not clear is whether the player's new team can subsequently trade him prior to three months or December 15. While a literal reading of the CBA might suggest that such players cannot be subsequently traded, the league actually considers this situation to be undefined, and won't resolve the matter until a team actually tries to make such a trade.

Be nice to Hornets fans.

Have at it.