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NBA Playbook scouts Timofey Mozgov

NBA Playbook is one of my favorite things on my computer (up there with "Trash". You can just throw stuff in there!), and Sebastian Pruiti, the hard-working proprietor of that domain, took some time recently to scout Timofey Mozgov. Since at least half of us are not Russian and therefore not too familiar with Mozgov, Pruiti's breakdown with words, pictures, and videos is extremely helpful. You should really go check out the whole thing, but here are some sample strengths and weaknesses of the new Knick:

Mozgov is able to go from running down the court to setting a screen almost seamlessly.  This skill is important (especially when playing for a team that likes to play a fast pace game, like the Knicks) because now the offense doesn’t have to slow down and wait for the perfect situation to get the pick and roll going.  This also catches the defense off guard, and makes the screens even more effective.

Timofey Mozgov isn’t just a screen setter though.  Mozgov’s athletic ability at his size allows him to be pretty effective when rolling to the basket.

I just mentioned that when Mozgov doesn’t have to think and he can just react, he can be a pretty good defender.  However, when he needs to think and make a decision on the defensive end, it tends to be the wrong one.  Now, Mozgov’s team plays a lot of zone, so this lack of instincts when playing man to man defense could be due to lack of experience (which means it can be corrected/his instincts will improve with experience), but right now it is still a pretty big weakness.

Again, check out the full post for stills and video to back up those words.