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Let's be patient with Anthony Randolph.

This goes for everybody, including myself. When the Knicks managed to grab Anthony Randolph in the David Lee trade, I slathered myself head-to-toe with shea butter and robbed a bagel shop with a pickaxe. I only do that when I'm really happy, y'all. Randolph's an absolutely electrifying young talent who's capable of so much but only beginning to realize his titanic abilities. I urge everyone to be as excited as I am about Randolph's potential, but suggest that we all take a step back and remember what we're looking at. Brian Chung, writing at SB Nation Bay Area, is familiar with Randolph and tempers our expectations a little bit (via SBN NY).

Maybe nervous about when his next minutes were going to be, Randolph looked more awkward than the "finesse" player his high school coach sees in him.  Randolph was a terrible finisher in traffic, often times trying to barrel over opposing big men.  Either that or his poor footwork on the block led to many travel calls or shots where he too often was sprawled on the floor with his legs and torso in a pretzel.  Judging by those moves, you wondered if he had two left feet.


His ball-handling, while seemingly good for a big man in transition, is loosey-goosey and erratic when he's actually challenged.  As mentioned earlier, he has a limited skill-set on the block or from the perimeter. In one game that Atma Brother #1 (of Golden State of Mind) and I watched at the Oracle Arena, we counted 4 times (in one half) where he ended up flailing on the floor, with the ball thrown up erratically trying to initiate his own offense from within 5 feet of the hoop and beyond.

Now, don't be discouraged. This isn't to say that Randolph isn't talented and won't become a star. I think both are true. This is only to remind us that, for all of his skills and arms and legs, Anthony is the Knicks' youngest player (seriously!) and is going to make mistakes. Lots of them. At this point in this particular player's career, we can still expect a lot of immaturity. Shit, he's younger than me, and I sometimes lie on my back and eat snacks off my tummy "like an otter". The word on Randolph has always been of the "flashes of brilliance, streaks of silliness" variety, and we should accept that as the season approaches. I'm all for enthusiasm, but I don't want us to sour as a fanbase when Randolph stumbles or struggles. Be excited, but also remember to be very, very patient with Anthony. Hopefully, the Knicks will do the same.