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Amar'e Stoudemire and Mike D'Antoni ate some breakfast.

From ESPN:

Amare Stoudemire and Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni had breakfast together Sunday morning in New York City, according to league sources.

The purpose of the sitdown was to clear the air about any old grievances that may have existed between the two when they were with Phoenix in the mid-2000s, according to sources.

While helping the Suns become one of the league's best and most exciting teams, D'Antoni and Stoudemire clashed hard and often, leading several executives around the NBA to insist the two would never consider working together again.

On Sunday, D'Antoni wanted to assure Stoudemire that he believes he is a terrific player and that he's 100 percent behind the Knicks' push to bring him to New York, sources said.

Stoudemire has told those close to him that much of the tension between the two was his fault, citing his youth and immaturity when he entered the league fresh out of high school. Stoudemire has said he's matured to the point that he now realizes D'Antoni was only trying to make him a better player, according to sources.


My sources confirm that the two shared a meal of "detente danishes" and "amity omelets". No food fights were reported.