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Hahn: LeBron James will announce his decision from Greenwich, CT.

Update (3:09): Just remember that sources and media outlets all have agendas. A lot of what we have heard and will hear is deliberate deception on the part of one or more of those parties. This is a massive, complicated exercise in marketing. We won't be sure about anything until it's done. For example, Steve Adamek is already denying Frank Isola's post from 5 minutes ago (Isola too). I'm going to settle down now, and y'all should too.

Update (3:05): Frank Isola just twat:

Can't confirm this but a Knicks source claims the location may be Allan Houston's house. Wow

The "can't confirm" is crucial, but uh...yeah.

Alan Hahn just answered (worth the subscription!) one of many questions regarding tomorrow's announcement:

 Multiple sources told Newsday that LeBron James' one-hour special on ESPN, called "The Decision", will be broadcast from a studio in Greenwich, Conn.

This comes on the heels of some suggestive posts twat by Chad Ochocinco and Jared Dudley about James' destination. Who knows what to make of any of this? My best guess now is that LeBron will be a Hartford Whaler by week's end.