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Steinmetz: "Agreement in Place" to Send Lee to Warriors

We've already gone over this in a few places, but because these rumors are nearing reality, and in order to get a separate thread going, here it is:

The Warriors and Knicks have agreed in principle to a sign-and-trade deal that would send power forward David Lee to Golden State for Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf and Kelenna Azubuike, multiple sources confirmed on Thursday.

According to one source, the terms of Lee’s contract have been agreed to, the paperwork has been completed and all that’s needed are the pertinent signatures.

Oh, and one other thing: LeBron James needs to make it official tonight that he’s not signing with the Knicks. At this point, indications are that he won’t. But the Knicks want to make sure.

So, from the sound of things, if LeBron James heads elsewhere tonight, we can expect a deal to be done very promptly afterward. My knee-jerk opinion on this one is that of all the upsetting scenarios in which David Lee departs, this one has a relatively substantial silver lining. If and when the deal is done, you can bet that there will be a tearful farewell for Dave. I love Randolph, though, and Turiaf could fill the need for a defensive center big time. There are, however, injury questions with all three players mentioned. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, discuss.

Update: I totally forgot the important part:

Lee’s deal would be for six seasons with an average salary of approximately $13 million, according to a source. The total package is said to be just under $80 million.

That's a lot of lotions, bro.

Update again:

More on the potential plan B:

While Miami has a five-year, approximately $28 million offer on the table for free-agent small forward Mike Miller, the Knicks are prepared to swoop in and foil Pat Riley's plan to secure a shooter for James and Dwyane Wade. According to an executive familiar with the Knicks' plan, New York is prepared to outbid Miami for Miller if James says no to them. The Knicks can offer about $12 million more, and that's too much money for Miller, 29, to leave on the table.

And more:

Lee's agent Mark Bartelstein, told on Thursday that reports out of the Bay Area newspapers that the deal with Golden State is done is premature. "There are a million things going on right now," Bartelstein said. "We are still talking to five different teams about different scenarios. David hasn't made up his mind and nothing has been agreed to. I'm not sure where all of this stuff is coming from."