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Your LeBron James Announcement Thread

Okay, guy. You have our attention.

Sometime after 9 PM tonight, LeBron James will presumably announce his free agency destination. This is your thread to express your excitement, disappointment, too-cool-for-schoolness, or whatever.

Now seems like an appropriate time to remind everyone that even the angriest comments should be respectful to other commenters and free of hate speech and slurs. No matter what happens, we'll probably have visitors who are fans of other teams. They should be treated with respect. If they are trolling, ignore them or flag them. I also request that if you guys choose to comment on other SBN blogs, you follow the rules of that blog and never, ever troll. If I see that you are causing trouble on other blogs, I will ban you. From the internet. I can do that.

Sit down, grab a snack (tell us what snack you choose!), and let's learn our fates. Just remember that it'll all be okay no matter what.

Also, a good place to stay up-to-date on the news is this here thread. Sk8 lyf.