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Introducing the P&T Fall Shirt Line: The "Il Gallo" Collection

Alright, so we went a little overboard. The results of the Rooster-Drawing Contest indicated that "Il Gallo" shirt number 16 was y'alls favorite, so this excellent design is now available for purchase in the P&T store. Check this bad boy out:


Looks fantastically fresh. Good choice, folks. That's your number one item in the store and the winner will be rewarded for his excellent design.

It doesn't end there, though. Gian, Osborn, and myself just couldn't toss aside some of the other designs and, after some convincing, the shirt-printing folks let me add six more tees. To fill out the Fall Line, we picked some of the other high vote-getters, as well as some personal favorites. All told, there are 7 "Il Gallo" shirts available in the store now. Oops. We really like Danilo Gallinari.

Take the jump to see the rest of the bunch.


Each photo is a link to the shirt itself.







Some things:

- The number of colors each shirt is available in varies. You can find some in the whole gamut of colors, while others are limited to only one or two. This is what the printers thought was best for each design.

- A few of you have mentioned that shirt prices have gone up. The shirt folks tell me that this is because shipping is now free. Boom.

- One shirt (the #15 design, I think) is cheaper than the rest because it's not available in colors. Again, this was what the professional shirt designers thought best.

- If shirt designers don't want to remain anonymous (some of you have already spoken up, I believe), then I'd be more than happy to attribute each of these shirts on the front page. I'd love for all of you to get some recognition for your work.

- Thanks to our friend Paul Wisse, who puts up with all my gripes and turns out this splendid apparel for us.

- The biggest thanks to everybody who contributed a t-shirt design, and especially those of you that gave me permission to print these. I'm thrilled with how the contest turned out and how all these shirts look. There will be more contests like this in the future, I assure you.

There you are. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments or via email. I hope you guys enjoy and find something fresh to wear out on the town. May the spirit of Il Gallo be with you.