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Hahn, Adamek on Carmelo Anthony

I'll admit, the Carmelo Anthony rumors have me a little grumpy. I'm grumpy that the grass is always greener and I'm grumpy that national media rumors always seem specially calibrated to provoke us Knicks fans. All that said, Melo sure has put off extending his contract for a while, and rumors of a desertion to New York are now in the public consciousness. Some local beat guys would like to help us put this all into context.

Alan Hahn ($):

But if he can work out an extend-and-trade, he'd get his money and his way. The only reason why the Nuggets should do this is if they get a great offer. Considering that the Knicks already have Amar'e Stoudemire at the four spot, you'd have to believe that any conversation with the Nuggets would have to include Danilo Gallinari.

Here's where it gets tricky for the Knicks and where, I'm told, there is some debate going on within the Knicks' hierarchy. Is it worth paying a king's ransom for Carmelo now, when it is possible you can sign him as a free agent next summer (or after a lockout)? Is it smart to give up a very affordable young talent in Gallinari, who has the potential to be a second or third star player, and remove any chance of making a run at Paul or Deron Williams in 2012?

Steve Adamek lays it out even more plainly:

- The Knicks are interested and doing their due diligence, meaning they’ve let Denver know of that interest and what they have to offer.

- What they want to start their offer with is Eddy Curry and his $11.3 million expiring deal.

- Since Carmelo is due to make $17.1 million this season, the Knicks will have to include more for salary-cap purposes.

- That "more" will have to be able to play.

- The Knicks would like to include Wilson Chandler in that "more."

- Denver’s "more" will start with Danilo Gallinari.

Now, that's just the background of the thing. Some think they know the Knicks' offer already. It's all very exciting. Just bear in mind that an entire industry is built on our propensity to covet. We're pretty reliable in that regard.

Meanwhile, I've seen a lot of you express that any trade pillaging the Knicks' newfound youth and depth can wait a few months. I think I'm with that. Carmelo Anthony is an assassin and one of my favorite players, but this squad is a thing of beauty. As time passes, the Nuggets will be more and more compelled to deal Anthony in order to get anything in return. I say wait, but I'm also deeply in love with the roster Donnie Walsh has assembled. I want to see them operate before it all gets thrown away for a single (albeit excellent) player. That's not even mentioning the possible inclusion of future first-rounders. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Meanwhile, I really hoped "The Decision" would mark the end of this nonsense, but just to reiterate: doubt every source, know that every outlet has an agenda (mine is to molest all of you), and remember that it behooves the national media to drive you crazy. Don't let them.