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Video: Timofey Mozgov is a one-man band.

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Above is a ten-minute long interview of Timofey Mozgov by SovSport, which is probably exactly what it sounds like. The actual interview encompasses the first eight minutes or so of the video, and it's conducted entirely in Russian. If you speak Russian and would like to translate the whole thing for us, I'd be much obliged. I actually sat through the whole thing, and am pretty sure I heard the terms "Prokhorov", "Amar'e Stoudemire", and "Jordan", so some of the conversation might be relevant.

Meanwhile, Timofey might never develop into a great big man, but we've undoubtedly got the next Levon Helm (or perhaps Yuri Morozov) on our hands. Mozgov's prowess at multiple instruments is on display throughout the video, but mostly towards the end. Let's break it down:

At 3:59, Timofey plays a vuvuzela.

At 4:06, Timofey plays TWO vuvuzelas.

At 7:55, there is a mullet. Mullets aren't traditionally used as musical instruments, but if anybody could play one, it's Timofey. This time, he chooses not to.

At 8:45, Timofey tickles the ivories.

At 8:51, Timofey picks up a (giant) saxophone for what appears to be the first time in his life. Within 20 seconds, he has the thing damn near mastered. At 9:18, he even channels Sergio and gets sexy with the sax as only a 7-foot, Ed Hardy-wearing Russian can.

At 9:37, Timofey humps a balalaika. That's not really how you play it, but Timofey's totally noise rock like that.

At 9:45, Timofey has more fun with a trombone than anybody has ever had with a trombone.

You can see more of Mozgov when the World Basketball Championships start in two weeks (Russia's schedule can be found here), but he'll just be playing basketball and stuff.

Update: Translated interview (courtesy of YIK) after the jump!

  Timmo: I flew in to America to have some rest, watched the last game in LA, went to New York on draft night. Then when they showed some interest in me, you know. I understand they saw me before, know what I am about. Also my agent worked there not for nothing, so they told me "why don't you come by, we are ready". So I went to New York, phsical, all that stuff, then to Las Vegas. All the coaching staff and the management was there. The Summer League, you know. Then it took just a couple more days to do some paperwork, meet with the coach, and then the sign the contract. There was the head coach, lawyers, the GM. We went into a small restaurant, signed it, everybody smiled, everybody's happy. Took some pictures, and that's it.

Well, emotions were, you know, it's everyone's dream, I think, especially for little kids, to get into the NBA. Not even to get to play, but just to visit, to see it, so when the dream comes true - emotions are overflowing you.

Anchor: So- why New York? There were many discussions, there is a Russian trainer, it just so happened.  Remember we were talking about a year ago that we'd assemble the Russian five in NJ. You smiled and said, that if Prokhorov called...

Timmo: Well, nobody called me. Agents would've told me. And here's this trainer (Mike D'A), I spoke to him, he said everything would be all right, he sees me on the team. I also see me on the team. And also the style of basketball, people from outside are saying that it's what I need. I spoke to my agents, asked for advice, and they said it's good for me, new team is forming, a good bunch of guys.

Anchor: What kind of environment would Mozgov need? What style of game? What does it mean - it fits you? What kind of basketball makes you feel comfortable?

Timmo: I prefer the speedy, more exciting, more athletic, fast-paced. Not just jump shots and set plays, but when there's running, quick passing, quick shooting.

Anchor: Something like in the world Championship in Poland..

Timmo: Basically yes, something like that.

<Vuvuzela "musical" break>

Anchor: So - when was the first time you started thinking about New York?

Timmo: After first conversations..

Anchor: You are moving to the team that has Amar'e Stoudemire. What are your feelings? You know, the competition will be serious. Turiaf will be playing, Jordan, if I'm not mistaken. They have 4 centers, so for a rookie to get to play like 10-15 minutes - you'll have to jump through the hoops for that..

Timmo: <nods>  I'll do my best.

Anchor: What did the coach say? Nothing unusual?

Timmo:  No, nothing special. He said that he sees me in the team, that I may be playing with Turiaf, with Amare at the same time on the court.

Anchor: So they'll be playing 4, right?

Tommo: Yes, he said so. I didn't really sit with him yet to talk over all the details, you know.

Anchor: Four of our guys left, to play, they couldn't stick there. Mentality is different, basketball is different. What do you think about it?

Timmo: We'll see how it goes. So what if two-three people left and were not successful - are you saying nobody should go? You know - the one who doesn't take risks, he doesn't get to drink champagne. Even the guys who went there and then returned  - good for them, they tried. I'm not afraid of anything, I want to go there and prove myself.

<The next part is dedicated to the situation in the Russian National Basketball team. I don't think it is relevant for our Knicks fans, so I'll skip it.>

Anchor: Now the numbers.. there are a lot of rumors regarding your salary. It is open information there, so could you share it with us? People are talking about 10 mil, but I think it is a bit lower than that.

Timmo: It is a bit lower. It is something like 8 millions.

Anchor:  Around 8 mil.. this is before taxes, right?

Timmo: Before taxes.

Anchor: So the 10 million figure is wrong?

Timmo: Wrong. It is around 8 mil.

< Phone call>

Anchor: Hi, please introduce yourself. We have Timofey Mozgov in our studio, center of the Russian National Basketball Team and the New York team.

Caller: Greetings from Greece. Timofey, I have 2 questions:

1. Did you get any advice from your colleagues with the Russian team regarding playing in the US

and 2. Who's going to support you in America?

Timmo: I didn't get any advice yet, because I only met the guys yesterday, so we didn't have a chance to talk, but I think they'll give me a good advice.

And regarding who's going to support me in America - my girlfriend will go with me, she's going to live with me, cook, will be spending time together. So here it is. <Smiles>

<End of the actual interview>