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Knicks to Sign Maurice Ager?

As training camp approaches, the Knicks will look to add bodies, fleshing out the roster above the 15-man limit to give shots to some dark horses. We may have one such dark horse on the way. Magic blogger extraordinaire and all-around gentleperson Evan Dunlap (a.k.a. Ben Q. Rock) has the word:

Source: Maurice Ager to sign w/ Knicks. Former Net and Mav, 28th pick in 06, spent last yr in D-League.

Evan went on to tell me that guarantees and whatnot are still being negotiated, and speculated that this was, indeed, a camp invite. Meanwhile, to my knowledge, Jerome Jordan and Landry Fields remain unsigned. Ager plus those two would put the Knicks' roster at 16.

What do I know about Ager? Well, I know that Maurice was a bomber on those mid-2000s Michigan State squads (perhaps this is the next best thing to signing Shannon Brown?), I know that he's seen decent NBA minutes as a Maverick and Net (during which Mouhamed Sene taught him a lesson about layups), and I know that he looks like a merrier version of Method Man. Presumably, his contract negotiations with New York will include the phrase "where my cheese at?". More on this as it develops.

Update from the perpetually ridiculous Scott Schroeder (pronounced SHRAY-der, y'all):

Contrary to previous reports, Maurice Ager has not signed with the Knicks. They are in "serious discussions", however.

So...still not a done deal. THE SUSPENSE BUILDS. I love the summertime.