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Jerome Jordan to Sign in Serbia

Update: Thanks to the perpetually ridiculous Scott Schroeder and also Mark for reminding us that the Knicks retain Jordan's rights in this transaction.

Mark Deeks of Sham Sports just twat the following:

Jerome Jordan to sign with Hemofarm to replace Boban Marjanovic.

The link provided above (and again here) takes you to this article which seems to indicate that Jerome Jordan, this year's 44th pick and draft day acquisition of your New York Knicks, will sign with KK Hemofarm of the Serbian and Adriatic Leagues.

Check it out:

Jamajčanin Džeremi Džordan (24, 213 cm) je novo pojačanje Hemofarma za sledeću sezonu. Angažovanjem igrača koji nije potpisao profesionalni ugovor sa NBA ekipiom Njujork Niks, Vrščani su rešili problem pod košem nastao odlaskom Bobana Marjanovića i Raška Katića.

I know, right? Though it comes as a bit of a surprise, Jordan's departure makes sense. Since the 7-foot Jamaican was drafted, the Knicks have traded for Ronny Turiaf and signed Timofey Mozgov, so there likely wouldn't be available minutes at the five-spot. Jordan, who looked pretty raw in Summer League, might well have been sent to the D-League to polish his game.

Džeremi, we hardly knew ye. Best of luck in Serbia.

Update: Gian makes a good point. What of Landry Fields, who also hasn't been signed yet?