Knicks Sign 15th Man

(Osborn's Note: Nice catch here by Kupe. I tend to agree with his assessment as well; who else were we gonna get? Unlike last year, during which we had approximately 35 swing men on the roster, we actually have centers and point guards now, so we can afford this type of athletic signing. Additionally, I think Pat Jr. showed everyone something in Summer League, and this is evidence that Donnie picked up on it as well. What do you guys think?)

According to Alan Hahn's twitter:

alanhahn:The Knicks just announced the signing of Patrick Ewing Jr. There is your 15th Man.

via ÜberTwitter

Our 15th man is none other than the comeback kid. He's finally made the team, Patrick Ewing Jr. This means no more talk of Earl Barron or anyone else to fill out the roster. Personally I'm cool with this signing, nice to see a legend's son on the team.

He seems like a high energy guy, should challenge the starters in practice. Maybe he gets his dad's sweet shot and cracks the rotation, but I highly doubt it. Anyway, good lookin Knicks fans.