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Knicks give Ewing Jr. a non-guaranteed, roster-dependent contract

As Kupe noticed and Howard Beck first reported, the son of the legend has a contract in place with the Knicks that becomes guaranteed if and when he makes the team out of training camp. So, while this is most definitely news, it is not set in stone as was first thought.

I, for one, like Ewing's chances. Aside from the "writing on the wall" angle pertaining to the presence of his signature on an official dotted line, he has always been an NBA prospect. He was a pretty damn good player at Indiana and Georgetown and, as Beck writes, he tore up the D-League to the tune of 17 and 9, give or take some decimals. At 26 he's still green, and he has the pedigree, body and confidence to do some damage, particularly on the break. Although Ewing's spot on the team is not guaranteed, and he likely would not get significant minutes, I can't help but to get excited about this.

Good Luck Pat.