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Haberstroh: Kelenna Azubuike has a shot at starting.

Over at ESPN, Tom Haberstroh makes the case for Kelenna Azubuike as the Knicks' starting shooting guard.

But when he’s healthy, Azubuike provides the Knicks with some much-needed depth at the shooting guard position with a real shot of beating Wilson Chandler for the starting gig. Why? Simply put, Azubuike can shoot and Chandler can’t.

Haberstroh goes into plenty more detail, obviously. Azubuike is solid from outside, is superior to Chandler in catch-and-shoot situations, and is actually on par with Chandler in terms of rebounding. There's no doubt that Wil has a place in the rotation as an open-court assailant, but I agree with Haberstroh that there's a pretty compelling case for Azubuike to be the starting shooting guard (assuming he's healthy). I also think he stacks up pretty favorably against some of the wings the Knicks have reportedly been chasing. Kelenna 4 Prez.