Roger Mason Jr. Signed!

This seems to be confusing to a bunch of people as well as myself. Umm... I haven't heard much of anything about this besides that he met with the Knicks last Thursday but Roger Mason Jr. seems to think he has a chance with signing with the Knicks.

Opinions people, I want opinions! Here's a quick scouting report.


Roger Mason Jr.- 6'5 SG, 6.3PPG 1.7APG 33% 3P in 19.2 Minutes

Age: 29

Well, that's it. I said quick scouting report. So what do you guys think? I'd bring him in. In the 08-09 Season he shot 42% 3P. He averaged that getting 30 Minutes per game. He's a SG and we've been looking for a 2 so maybe we are in contact with him. I like this signing if its no more then two years but The Don has been really smart so no worries about that. He is climbing up there in age but it's not a huge problem. He's only 29 and I'm pretty sure most people would kill to be 29 again. Lets see what happens.

Edit: We Got Him!! Via Frank Isola

The Knicks will sign Roger Mason, Jr. to a one-year contract worth $1.4 million.

New York will sign Mason in lieu of trading for Rudy Fernandez. Portland was seeking a future No. 1 pick for Fernandez.