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Isola: Roger Mason to Sign with Knicks

Frank Isola twat it, friends. I guess Roger wasn't joshing in that video, was he?:

Knicks to sign Roger Mason for one-year, $1.4 million contract. Knicks refused to give up future No. 1 pick to land Rudy Fernandez

Here's the line on Junior while we await confirmation on this one.

Update: (8:25 PM) In case there was any doubt:

Im headed to the BIG APPLE!!!!! With a BIG CHIP on my shoulder!!!!!! LETGO!!!!!!!!!!!!Knicks Fans!!!!!!!

I guess Roger's excited to be a Knick? I'm pretty excited to have him. I don't think Mason projects to be a starter, but he's a smart, sturdy player who hits from outside (although last year was a little shaky), doesn't make many mistakes, and can handle the ball in a pinch. He's also a likable dude with experience in a winning system and a bit of experience getting the wins himself. I think some clutch plays look lucky and some feel like cold, calculated murder. Watch that video and tell me what you think.