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Isiah Thomas: "Part-Time Consultant"?

Marc Berman just twat it:

Knicks are about to announce Isiah Thomas will be named a part-time consultant to club but keeps his job at FIU. Weird.

From the sound of things this summer, Isiah was already "consulting" with the team anyway, so this probably isn't something to fret over. The "ISIAH 4 GM AGAIN!" nonsense is still nonsense, and we've already acknowledged that Thomas has some redeeming qualities as a scout. That's probably the extent of this position. Still, Isiah Thomas news is always strange news.


Russ Bengtson:

"Hey Isiah, should we sign this guy?" "Yes, absolutely." *covers phone* "DON'T FUCKING SIGN HIM!" *uncovers phone* "Thanks a lot, Zeke!"