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Your P&T Rooster-Drawing Contest Submissions: Vote or Die!

Update: I will close this poll at noon on Tuesday. If #4 and #16 are still super close (let's say...within 20 votes), then we'll have a head-to-head re-vote. If not, then the winner will be declared at noon.

The day has come, brethren. A few weeks ago, I asked you to submit designs for a t-shirt honoring the great Danilo Gallinari. I half expected that the contest would be a flop, but the turnout really blew me away. Just to refresh, here's the contest:

Send in a t-shirt design featuring a drawing of a rooster and the words "Il Gallo" (as that is Gallinari's nickname, which translates to "The Cock" and, well, a cock-drawing contest wouldn't sound very good). The rooster and writing can be in any style you like, though I'm picturing something either sort of cartoony or, alternatively, a very lifelike, anatomically-correct picture. If you'd like to give the rooster some attributes suggestive of Danilo (make it shooting a basketball, give it a fauxhawk, throw in a number 8, draw it in this pose), you are welcome to do so.

Now is your chance to help pick the winner. Voting will work this way: Gian, Osborn, and myself will each have a single vote. The P&T community poll, which will be open for the next day or so, will count for two votes. Tie goes to the community. Pretty simple, right?

The artist behind the winning design (entrants will be kept anonymous for now) will win a free t-shirt and have his or her shirt put up for sale in the P&T store for all of y'all to purchase.

Because of weird formatting, the poll appears before the jump on the front page, but you should obviously vote once you've taken the jump and seen all of our entries. Please really consider the questioned posed before you vote, because a lot of people put a lot of work into these sexy-ass roosters.

Photos have been shrunk down so I could fit them all, but click any of them to get a larger look. Entrant numbers are on the bottom left of each photo. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns (or any trouble loading the page or any of the images. I'm worried about that.) in the comments.

Thanks so much to everybody who submitted. Good luck and may the best cock win!

1. Gallo1_medium

2. Gallo2_medium

3. Gallo3_medium

4. Gallo4_medium

5. Gallo5_medium

6. Gallo6_medium

7. Gallo7_medium

8. Gallo8_medium

9. Gallo9_medium

10. Gallo10_medium

11. Gallo11_medium

12. Gallo12_medium

13. Gallo13_medium

14. Gallo14_medium

15. Gallo15_medium

16. Gallo16_medium

17. Gallo17_medium

18. Gallo18_medium

19. Gallo19_medium