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Monday Pikas

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Good afternoon, porkchops. With basketball still weeks away and the rumor mill slowed to a halt, we're in a bit of a lull. Never fear, though. The Knicks season preview will be up tomorrow (the Celtics guys went today), and we'll begin addressing more training camp questions soon. Before you know it, there will be actual basketball to be watched. In the meantime, let's link.

Jump Nyabinghi.
- Pikachu is not a pika, but he might as well be.

- In another edition of the excellent "Unsung Knick History" series, Brian Cronin goes into incredible detail regarding John Starks' path to becoming a Knick.

- For those of us that weren't around, here's a thorough reexamination of Bernard King's back-to-back 50-point games.

- Raymond Felton will be on TKB Radio with Anthony Donahue this Wednesday, presumably to sing some songs.

- Kurt Helin previews the Knicks at ProBasketballTalk. An interesting little morsel:

More likely the Knicks will: Be the most fun Knicks team to watch in years, however will take some time to gel. They may well get off to slow start. There will be flashes of what Randolph can do, Stoudemire will throw down over people, Gallinari should take a step forward. There are pieces here.

But how to fit all the pieces together will take time. Look for some D'Antoni to throw out wild lineups for a while, trying to find what works. Can a Felton/Toney Douglas backcourt work? Traditional positions will be out the window as Stoudemire may get some run at the five and the three, all with the goal of just finding lineups that work.

By the end of the season, if they are healthy, expect the Knicks to be playing better.
- Tommy Dee turned up some video of Danilo Gallinari answering deep questions with acoustic jamz in the background. Heady stuff.

- Hey, I recently realized that my school's cable package doesn't include MSG anymore. Anybody with Time Warner Cable or in the Capital Region have any tips on the cheapest way to acquire that?

- An update, since you care deeply: Amar'e Stoudemire says the Vogue cover is a possibility.

Later, lolcats, Stay sweet.