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Wednesday Fishers

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Good afternoon, humble-bees. This gang of rabid fishers just raided my house demanding links (and cheese), it goes.

- Fishers are these fuzzy weaseldogs that slink around the Northeast, including parts of the country in which I sometimes go to college. I've never seen one before, though. (That opening bit was a heap of lies, you see. Hooked you, though, right!?)

- Via P&T's own Serious Garbage Time, Danilo Gallinari (and like every other basketball player on Earth) apparently caught the Jay-Z and Eminem concert last night. That's why they call it window pane. Or something.

- Since we're talking about Danilo and music, here's this again.

- P&T was far from the only blog to participate in the Previewkakke yesterday, and our friends at the KnicksFan Blog surveyed previews from around the web.

- The thoroughest of the bunch has to be Dan's preview at Knicks Vision. Dan walks you through every position, goal, strength, weakness, animal, mineral, and vegetable associated with the Knicks this season. If you haven't been paying attention all summer, that shit'll catch you right up.

- Dan also had the opportunity to interview the eminent Howard Beck of the New York Times. Here's a taste:

[On the "good character" of the current team]

Felton is a really steady, sharp and stand-up guy. Between him and Amar’e, you have the makings of some leaders in that locker room. The last several years, there was never one guy to point the finger out. I think Amar’e and Felton are the two most important guys on the team in a lot of ways; it’s fortuitous that those are also two guys who are stand-up, vocal, strong personalities because they’ve been missing that.

-SLAM reflects on Mark Jackson, who I never really knew as a Knick. I'm not young enough to think of him primarily as an irritating color commentator, but I am young enough to think of him as a Pacer.

- Check out this bit from Alan Hahn's most recent Fix:

A night after Melo was serenaded by chants of "Let's Go Knicks!" from fans at the Meadowlands during the Jets' loss to the Ravens (word is he was in a suite and the Baltimore product, despite his Brooklyn roots, rooted for the Ravens), the all-star forward was with Stoudemire in a suite at the House that George Built taking in the second night of the epic hip-hop doubleheader.

They chanted "Let's Go Knicks!" at a Jets game? Sweet! Also, who's Carmelo Anthony?

- Gian found this one: Anthony Randolph is settling in with the Knicks and...working on his J? Sean Deveney reports:

"The ankle is 100 percent, I have had no problems with it for a while, so I am not worried about that," he said. "I have been working this summer on becoming a knockdown shooter. That is something I want to add to my game. I have been working with [coach] Phil Weber on that, just fixing some things with my mechanics, trying to keep things tight and consistent. I have been putting up hundreds of shots every day."

- Anybody want some Mentos? I have a surplus of Mentos and I'm in the mood to share.

That's all, buttheads. Hope you're all having terrific days. Say hello to your mother for me.